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Content Marketing 101: How to Create and Share Fresh, Helpful Content and Gather a Tribe

The Passive Income Pathway: How to Create and Stack Passive Income Streams

What’s the very best kind of income to earn? The passive kind! In this mini-course, we’ll talk about what passive income IS, and ISN’T, as well as some of the best ways to earn it and how to “stack” your passive income streams.

How to Reach More People with the Hope of the Gospel This Easter

For church leaders, Easter weekend holds within it a special opportunity to engage our communities with the gospel. In this session, we'll talk about how to prepare for a big weekend and invite as many people as possible as well as how to make it about Jesus and bear fruit.

Building Healthy Rhythm Into Your Life and Leadership

We often talk about having "balance," but balance implies that every area of my life deserves equal amounts of energy. Let's talk, instead, about how to find a healthy rhythm in life and leadership. 

How to Build a Blog That Makes Money While Making a Difference

Most people assume any "blogging income" is either nickels and dimes, or merely the result of someone's celebrity status. The reality is, anyone with a dream, a plan, and a commitment to action can build a substantial income from blogging! This video breaks down exactly how it works, and the downloadable guide is filled with helpful links, too.

Digital Leaders Resource Vault

A collection of 30+ files for church leaders including discipleship manuals, bylaws, leadership structure worksheets, book highlights and summaries, and more!

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