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When you grow as a leader, you expand your influence, earn more income, and make a bigger difference in your world!
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Too many leaders are stuck!

Does this sound familiar?

You used to dream BIG dreams about your leadership, but lately, you've been trying to shrink your dreams down to a more "realistic" size?

You've been right at the brink of a growth barrier, and no matter how hard you try, you can't seem to break through it?

You know your message matters, but you struggle to grow an audience and influence the numbers of people you believe you're really capable of?

I've been there. You're not alone. And there is HOPE!

John Maxwell often says, "Leadership is influence - nothing more, nothing less, nothing else." The fact is, you have what it takes to take your life, your leadership, and organization to the next level. And the very best way to expand your influence is to grow and develop your leadership skills!

I've had the privilege of leading as a pastor in churches ranging in size from 30 to 30,000. I've successfully built multiple side businesses. And I've coached a LOT of leaders to their next level of influence and income.

I started The Digital Leadership Lab to gather a community of fellow leaders who are willing to get honest about their effectiveness, dream big again, and take action to move on to the next level.

I believe that when you improve dramatically as a leader, you can rapidly expand your influence, increase your earning potential, and lead your organization or your business to new levels of growth and greatness!

When you become a Pro Member of The Digital Leadership Lab, you get:

  • A private invite to at least two live group coaching sessions each month.
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I'm absolutely determined to help you become the best version of yourself that you can be. 

Ready to take action and start taking your leadership to the next level?
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Recent Lab Sessions

The Entrepreneurial Practices That Produce a Profit Quickly
If you're going to succeed, long term, in online entrepreneurship, you have to learn the practices that produce actual profits. When you pay yourself first, you'll have a sustainable pathway to growth and abundance.

How to Start and Grow Your Email List (And Why it Matters SO Much)
Email is the core of almost every kind of online business. This course starts from zero and offers eight major steps to take to launch and scale your email marketing list!

How to Grow Your Organization by Expanding Everyone's Leadership Capacity
If you want to see your organization grow, you must absolutely be committed to making more room for more leaders, and helping those leaders grow and expand their own capacity for influence.

Content Marketing 101: How to Create and Share Fresh, Helpful Content and Gather a Tribe
How do you consistently create fresh content for your blog? Website? Social media? In this session, you'll learn a pathway to consistently creating fresh content that builds your brand.

The Passive Income Pathway: How to Create and Stack Passive Income Streams
In this video course, you'll learn the difference between active, passive, and investment income, how to generate passive income, how to "snowball" your income to build wealth over the long haul, and more!

Building Healthy Rhythm Into Your Life and Leadership
Could it be that "balance" is overrated and might actually lead to burnout? In this session, you'll learn how to get your life and leadership in a proper, life-giving rhythm.

How to Build a Blog That Makes Money While Making a Difference
Is blogging worth the time and effort? Absolutely! In this session, you'll learn how blogs make money, how they influence the culture, and how to get yours started.

Persuasive Preaching and Teaching: How to Communicate to Change Lives Forever
Never discount the role of preaching, teaching, and public speaking to shape the culture of your organization and call individuals to radical life change. This session will help you become a more effective communicator.

And more! PLUS, at least TWO new courses are added every month!
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My Rock-Solid, 30-Day, No Hassle, Totally Non-Awkward Money-Back Guarantee!

I know that you're making a big commitment by joining, and I know you only have so much budget to spend on leadership development. Further, I also know that I am absolutely determined to help you lead at a higher level! So if you're a few weeks in and I'm not helping you lead better and make a bigger difference, shoot me a note and I'll refund your investment and cancel your account with absolutely NO awkward questions.

Sound fair?
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I'm Brandon

I teach and coach leaders to thrive and succeed in our rapidly changing digital environment.

Inside The Digital Leadership Lab, leaders learn how to grow their platform of influence, use social media, build great businesses, earn more income, and lead people more effectively.

"When the leader gets better, everybody wins."
- Craig Groeschel