Free Sermon Notes & Series Graphics by Brandon Cox

Free Sermon Notes & Series Graphics

The speaking notes, transcripts, and video files from my weekend messages at Grace Hills, plus the graphics from the series' are available at no cost.

What's included?

Sermon Series: Faith Forward

This message series, based on the life of Joshua, communicates a big idea to which many Christians have never given much thought... If you want God’s MASSIVE blessing on your life, you must dream massive dreams, take massive action, grow a massive faith, and prepare for massive growth, even when life gets hard.

Sermon Series: The ONE Thing That Changes Everything

What do you want to change about your life? Your health? Your finances? Your relationships? Maybe you just want to become a stronger, bolder, more confident follower of Jesus Christ? All of the most important positive changes you want to see happen in your life flow out of ONE vital practice… a daily quiet time with God!

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