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December 2018 Ministry Coaching Call
Coaching Session: Reviewing Your Year, Measuring “Success”, and Mapping Out Your Next Year of Ministry
(1h 04m 28s)
Session Outline
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101 Question Church Health Assessment
141 KB
Highlights from the Measure of Our Success by Shawn Lovejoy
82.6 KB
December 2018 Digital Marketing Coaching Call
Coaching Session: An Overview of Digital Marketing, Whats Working Now and What You MUST Do in 2019
(1h 12m 23s)
Session Outline
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21 Affiliate Program Recommendations
127 KB
January 2019 Digital Marketing Coaching Call
Coaching Session: Digital Branding - Identifying and Sharing Your Core Story Effectively
60 mins
Session Outline
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Hi. I'm Brandon.

You're a leader who is passionate about changing your world, but the world keeps on changing. 

You're in the right place. 

I teach and coach leaders toward an expanding influence, an increasing income, and a greater impact in a thoroughly digital climate.