Digital Leadership Lab Affiliate Program by Brandon Cox

Digital Leadership Lab Affiliate Program

Earn generous, recurring 40% commissions by promoting The Digital Leadership Lab to your email list, blog audience, or social media followers!

Should You Become an Affiliate?

The Digital Leadership Lab is a twice-monthly, live video coaching program for church leaders and Christian entrepreneurs. I host one call each month focused on effective leadership in the local church context and another call focused on building a successful online business platform.

Members also get on demand access to recordings of all of our calls, plus access to my digital file fault filled with downloadable resources and documents, plus membership in our closed Facebook group.

Are you a Christian leader or entrepreneur?

If you're a church leader or Christian entrepreneur and you're building a blog, an email list, or an online platform of some kind, The Digital Leadership Lab affiliate program may be an excellent way for you to earn extra revenue.

When You Become An Affiliate...

You'll receive...

  • Regular emails from me with tips, tools, and strategies for digital marketing success.
  • 40% recurring revenue from anyone you refer to The Digital Leadership Lab.
  • Access to the promotional training for Lab affiliates.

I use a 15-day cookie period. A standard monthly membership costs $35, so you could earn $14 per month, per referral, as long as they renew. Paying for a year up front is $385, so you would earn $154 per year as long as they renew. As with any affiliate program, earnings are not guaranteed unless you successfully refer new paying clients.

Please note that becoming an affiliate is separate from becoming a member of The Digital Leadership Lab. If you're not a member yet, join here. Being a paying member of The Digital Leadership Lab isn't required, but is highly recommended. Only promote programs in which you are personally confident.
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I'm Brandon

I teach and coach leaders to thrive and succeed in our rapidly changing digital environment.

Inside The Digital Leadership Lab, leaders learn how to grow their platform of influence, use social media, build great businesses, earn more income, and lead people more effectively.

"When the leader gets better, everybody wins."
- Craig Groeschel