21 Days to Grow Your Influence and Income with Blogging by Brandon Cox

21 Days to Grow Your Influence and Income with Blogging

Yes! It's possible to earn a side income from blogging. And in this 21-day course, you'll learn all of the basic steps for getting started!

Ready to Start Your Blog, Expand Your Online Influence, and Earn More Income?

Hi! I’m Brandon.

I’ve been blogging for fifteen years! And in that time, my blog has been a huge part of my professional life and development as a leader.

My blogging – directly or indirectly – has expanded my influence, landed me a dream job, led to writing a book, and created a dependable passive income.

I’d love to share with you, over 21 days, all the steps necessary to take if you want to launch an influential, profitable blog.
You’ll learn…

  • How to launch your blog with WordPress and make it look amazing!
  • How to build your brand and grow your leadership platform.
  • How to monetize your blog with advertising and affiliate marketing.
  • How to build an email list and participate in joint venture opportunities.

Whether you’re looking to earn extra money to get ahead or launch a career or online business, this free course will show you what you need to know to get going!
Yes! I'm Ready to Start!

What's included?

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Introduction: You're 21 Days Away
Day 1: Setting Up an Awesome Blog
Day 2: Defining Your Brand
Day 3: Clarifying Your Vision, Purpose, and Goals
Day 4. Refine your Design
Day 5: Extend Your Site
Day 6: Start (or Grow) an Email List
Day 7: Develop a Content Strategy
Day 8: Choose Products to Promote
Day 9: How to Utilize Keyword Research
Day 10: Write Compelling Headlines
Day 11: Craft an Effective Blog Post
Day 12: Issue a Call to Action
Day 13: Make Your Content Search Engine Friendly
Day 14: Make Your Content Shareable on Social Media
Day 15: Drive Traffic to Your Blog
Day 16: Grow Your Blog's Community
Day 17: Use Facebook to Grow Your Blog
Day 18: Using Twitter to Grow Your Blog
Day 19: Using Pinterest to Grow Your Blog
Day 20: Give Away a Lead Magnet
Day 21: Create Your Own Email Course


Please note that I cannot guarantee you will earn money. Results will vary from person to person. Case studies shared are examples only. Also know that many of the product links I recommend throughout this course are affiliate links. I would earn a commission if you clicked through and purchased.